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I found that the majority (OK, 50%) of posts on my personal weblog were about my freelance work in one way or another. I eventually tired of posting ditties about myself, adding nothing to the world but more useless information.

From the pit of ego driven blabbering it just made sense to create a more useful blog highlighting my own freelancing experiences, and featuring articles from freelancers who actually know what they’re doing.

Henceforth I will still blog about myself. Only, Instead of posting about Neil Young I’ll post about what I learn along the freelanced path. I’ll also post any free reprints I come across with “freelance” in the title and a valuable, but not overdone message. Hopefully once in a while I can be somewhat funny and manage to take the pressure off of an overloaded freelancer for at least 10 seconds.

Free E-courses Freelancers sharing information. Potential freelancers getting a glimpse of what life might be like if they venture off the beaten to boredom trail. My mother going from “so, when are you going to get a real job?” to “you made how much this month? How on earth? Are you doing something illegal?”

This is the mission of If you share in this mission, let’s link up.

Spot a Boo?

Whenever you see the cutie pie face of my Boston Terrier, the black and white Yoda, click on it for a freebie. Some of the freebies are e-books, some software, and a couple are free email courses. Half of them can be downloaded from Freelancing, and others link to helpful websites. There are 10 buried throughout the site. Most are on the main pages or layout, but there are a few you’ll have to dig deeper for. Good luck.